The best way, of course, of giving support to our work for understanding English orthography is simply the evident pleasure you communicate and radiate as you discover and understand the elegant predictability and coherent consistency of English spelling as it really is.

And now, with developments in communication technology - especially Zoom - such joyous and inspiring encounters are becoming almost daily events.

Apart from continuing to buy the material resources there are other ways in which you can become supportive benefactors.

One is to organize a residential “Spell in France” for yourself and a few others at our home. We have five guest rooms and you get to enjoy Pascal’s cuisine too.

Another is simply to make a small donation - whose unit of $12 we’ve called a <bene + fact + ion> - at our US retailers 2Checkout. Just use the payment button below, and if you would like to offer more than one unit, do feel free to do so!

Our greatest reward, though, is the constructive and shared joy of celebrating what orthography really is: our very humanity made visible as text by which we represent our world to ourselves.